highland cow

Kev Scott lives in Scotland and would like to make it clear that it isn’t always raining there.

He has been a professional developer for longer than he would like to remember, but just to give some idea of his age here is his first computer.

His career has seen him develop both software and hardware and quite often both at this same time. Nowadays, his day time activities are more concerned with PowerPoint and Excel but he can still identify a missing semicolon when pressed and can still hold a soldering iron at the right end.

Out of work, his programming interests are PHP, C# and Javascript based. His other interests are whisky, motorsport, live music and living life. All are covered to a greater or lesser extent on this site.

If you want to contact Kev, use the contact form or follow him on Twitter and YouTube (as Linear Thoughts) .

Photo by Jacco Rienks on Unsplash