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Daily Pill Checklist – Configurable Dates

I need to take pills on a daily basis and it is easy to forget whether you have taken one or not. This downloadable excel file provides a daily checklist and allows the start date to be changed as needed.

Pill Checklist Download

Clicking the link below will allow you to download an excel file which contains six sheets (1, 2 or 4 pills per day, A4 and letter sizes). These are written in Excel 97 format so are compatible with a wide range of Excel versions.
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Using The Excel File

pill checklist exampleOnce you have downloaded the file, open the sheet you wish to use. The sheet will show a series of checklist boxes as shown on the right. The top of the file allows the start date to be set up and all dates will then follow on from that.

If you have found this useful and would like any other features added, please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Further Reading

This spread sheet uses the TEXT function to create the dates. Further info on that can be found here.

Feature image is by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash